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700930 Important  Grateful Dead Grayfolded (3LP)
1 249,-

Grateful Dead

Grayfolded (3LP)

• 180g 3LP reissue of the ultimate version of The Grateful Dead's "Dark Star" compiled from over 100 different performances of the song between 1968-1993
• Producer John Oswald built, layered, and "folded" all of the versions to produce one large, recomposed version spanning almost 2 hours
• Reissue comes complete with exclusive liner-notes by musicologist Rob Bowman featuring interviews with Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, and Robert Hunter, plus two "time maps" which chart the source concerts of "Dark Star"
• Plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings
• Heavy-duty triple gatefold jacket
John Oswald / Grateful Dead Grayfolded Track Listing:
Transitive Axis
1. Novature (Formless Nights Fall)
2. Pouring Velvet
3. In Revolving Ash Light
4. Clouds Cast
5. Through
6. Fault Forces
1. The Phil Zone
2. La Estrella Oscura
3. Recedes (While We Can)
Mirror Ashes
4. Transilience
5. 73rd Star Bridge Sonata
LP 3
1. Cease Tone Beam *
2. The Speed of Space*
3. Dark Matter Problem/Every Leaf Is Turning *
4. Foldback Time
* astroludes