The Hand Of Doom Poisonoise (LP)

The Hand Of Doom

Poisonoise (LP)



On The Dole Records står bak denne reutgivelsen av The Hand of Doom sin første og eneste plate. Dette er spennende saker og her må vi nesten la plateselskapet fortelle deg hva det handler om:

Originally released in 1979 with only 500 numbered copies. Nowadays it usually goes for $700+ at Discogs, Ebay and similar. When hearing The Hand Of Doom it’s easy to understand why. It’s like The Stooges fronted by Count Dracula with a pinch of Roky Erickson ”The Evil One”-era thrown in for good measure. Think the most punky and brutal NWOBHM-singles that has ever been recorded. A maximum rock’n’roll guitar riff-a-rama. It’s a DIY punk-metal masterpiece most likely to blow the minds off everyone into any form of truly great music.

The Hand Of Doom came from a small town called Bad-Hersfield located by the border between former east and west-Germany. Frustrated by the boredom and absence of anything interesting happening they recorded and released ”Poisonoise” all by themselves. Brutal & primitive hard rock metal aggression at its finest with killer riffs guaranteed to appeal to all punk and metal fans, but also to garagerock-maniacs and DIY-lovers.

In early 2019 On The Dole Records went to Germany and found the bandmembers still hanging around the small village of Bad-Hersfield. The original mastertapes were restored and remastered. The band members were interviewed and this reissue is fully authorized by the band.

Remastered and restored sound. Extensive liner notes and interviews with the band by Kieron Tyler (Mojo Magazine). Richly illustrated with many rare photos.

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Varenummer OTD002


Format LP
Produsent On The Dole Records
Hovedgenre Metal / Hard Rock
  • Metal
  • Rock
  • Punk
Produkttype Vinyl

Titler Med Samme Artist
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